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A huge congradulations to all the games who've been nominated for an award! About 20 games were nominated for one of the 9 awards. As well as a candidate was selected for the "GAME OF THE YEAR - 2002" award. All 5 of us judges thoroughly enjoyed picking the games and going through them - there are hundreds of great games out there that I look forward to watching them grow and get better. The Award Ceremony will be on August 15, but that date may change if it doesn't work for too many hosts. For more info click here!


The ceremony begins Thursday, August 15 at 8:00 pm eastern time! (7:00 central)

Feel free to chat in the CHATROOM up until the award night, at that time, all guests or audience members should enter with the nickname "audience" or something similar to that.

Some people have had some problems signing into the chatroom. When you sign in, you have to wait about 1-3 minutes (depending on your computer) and the chatroom should pop up in a different window screen. If you still experience problems then I'm not sure how to help you, keep trying that's the best I can say.
Hope you all enjoy the Awards!


It's interesting, this season, how the names of these 16 castaways weren't already placed with their tribes. This leads me to believe that the tribes weren't decided at the beginning of all this.

Back in May, when Survivor: Marquesas finaled, Jeff Probst said their would be a twist at the beginning of the game, during the preview of Survivor 5: Thailand.

So, putting two and two together, I've come up with a couple of different twistst the could be taking place:

-Maybe there will be 3 or 4 tribes, instead of 2, and Mark Burnett doesn't want to know that that's what he's got planned until the show starts.

-If you watched THE EARLY SHOW, this morning (Thursday, August 15), you may have noticed that their were never any mixed conversations going on. It was always guys talking to guys and girls talking to girls. This leads me to believe that possibly their is a female tribe and a male tribe. (So, all the immunities can't be physical before the merge).

-Maybe, two players are randomly chosen to "pick" tribes, like kids picking soccer teams at recess. So, depending on if smart people are picking tribes, it could strongly determine the outcome of the game. (Ex: If someone picking wants a strong tribe and picks the strong people, their might be a problem if none of the immunity challenges at the beginning are physical.)

-My last idea (and the one that I think would be really cool) is that they abandone everyone at a different spot on the island, give them a map, and have them walk on the island, and whatever camp they stumble on first will be their tribes camp. (So, the numbers won't necessarily be even) There could be a tribe of 11 and a tribe of 5.) I think that would be a really good idea!!

However, CBS, just may not have released the tribe names yet because they don't want people to know until the show begins. But I think there's something more behind it. I want to hear what your ideas are behind this whole ordeal. I might post ome of the ideas with more "support" behind them up on the website! We do know there's a twist at the beginning, Jeff Probst said so, but we don't what it will be.

Pictures of the 16 castaways come from the CBS website, http://cbs.com/survivor